This read brings you a list of top 5 bikes in Traffic Rider with features of all bikes unlocked and unlimited money to buy any bike you may have wished for. Traffic rider MOD APK All Bikes Unlocked has become exceedingly popular over the course of a short time and that too, globally.

The game is ornamented with innumerable stunning features that keeps its users immersed in an intriguing experience of hyper-realistic ride. With this modded and unblocked version of the bike game allows you to indulge in the racing thrill in unrestricted manner and you could enjoy it with full throttle.

If you would want to download the latest version of the game which is v 1.99 then follow our home page which gives you the download links suitable for all operating systems or find a link at the end of the this article.

Traffic Rider Mod APK All Bikes Unlocked

traffic rider mod apk all bikes unlocked

Top 5 Bikes

Traffic Rider

LAZ 400

This is undoubtedly the most advanced bike, of all the bikes unlocked, in its built and features. This has been added in the latest version of the mod apk. Looks of this bike are so powerful that it would leave you fascinated. Maximum speed of this bike is 400 plus kmh and on top of that it would take merely 1.5 sec to reach 100kmh speed.

LZ400 traffic rider all bikes unlocked


LAZ 400


The design and physique of this bike is second best to one of my favourite bikes which is yet to come. Second best in speed to Laz with 380 plus kmh. It accelerate to 100 kmh speed in just 2.2 secs. The braking and handling system of the bike is easy and handy.

Aura traffic rider all bikes unlocked mod apk


Traffic Rider



Toma is one of my top favourites in its design technology. It has futuristic design. It would probably be very efficient in handling and manoeuvring due to its sleek design and aerodynamic technology. Maximum speed of this speed is 320 kmh.

Toma traffic rider all bikes unlocked mod apk



BMW k1200s

BMW K1200S takes the lead due to its advantageous and reliable braking system and precise control whilst speeding to its max potential. It is probably one of the popular bikes among the players due to its unbeatable road handling and reliability. It can speed up to 170mph


BMW K1200s

Kawasaki Ninja H2R

One of the top-rated and high in demand bikes throughout the world. The 4 cylinder 1000 cc engine makes it the highest horsepower bike. It has a maximum speed of 400 kmh and reaching to 100 kmh in just 2.50 seconds. Among other advantages are its exceedingly reliable braking system and electronic suspension.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 bike traffic rider
BMW K1200s bike Traffic rider

BMW K1200s

Traffic Rider


Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Traffic Rider All bikes Unlocked MOD APK

V900-CXX 750
VX95 NightNJ 250
SR 10007ZZF 1400
KBX 250KF-450T
Artil TP4Y-Maks
GFX 10SChief LT
YNH S1Shadow R
GSR 1300CBN 1000r
SK-1200FZh Turbo
FX U2CX-750F
CBZ 250YLAZ 400
List of Traffic Rider All bikes Unlocked MOD APK

How the Controlling of All Bikes Unlocked work in Traffic Rider MOD APK

steering controlling of bike


  • Buttons
  • Handlebar
  • Gameplay
  • ABS Breaks
  • Wheeling
  • Tilt
Throttle and gear control

Throttle and Gears

  • Automatic
  • Manual


  • Detach Breaks
  • Invert Controls
  • Sensitivity
  • Music
  • Sound

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